Trees, cabs, and crime

Trees, cabs, and crime

Shawn Allen of the Stamen Design (I’ve linked to their work before) produced this clever map of trees, cabs, and crime in San Francisco. I’ll let him explain it:

I’ve had this idea to use subtractive blending so that you can see where these three data sets overlap for a while, and decided to scratch the itch this weekend. I’m still not sure if it’s significant or even interesting, but here it is. This is a slightly improved version of the original with a more useful (and attractive!) legend and no base map. The colors have also changed: Trees are cyan and crimes magenta because I felt that the latter should stand out more. And yellow to produce red, which seems to me a more crime-y color.

To see the map in all it’s halftone glory, take a look at the embiggened version.

(Thanks to Jon Christensen.)

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