Update on the Membership Drive

How’s the membership drive going? Not bad. I’ve received some nice notes of support, and sign-ups have been moving along at a slow-but-decent pace. Still, they’re behind where I had hoped they would be, and if I stopped today I would be nowhere near covering my expenses (which do not include my time, only hosting and related costs). To be clear, I’m not looking to make a fortune off this site. That’s never been my goal. My goal has always been to cover important and interesting topics in a way that you’ll enjoy.

To those who have already signed up—a big thank you. Every time my inbox dings with a new member, I catch myself smiling. It means a lot. To those who are still on the fence, I hope I can convince you in the coming weeks that my efforts here at Per Square Mile are worthy of your support.

We’re 10 days away from the end of the membership drive. That gives you more 10 days to procrastinate. But it also means we’re more than halfway through. If there was ever a time to sign up to receive the member extras and a t-shirt, it’s now.

Thanks to the support of readers like you, Per Square Mile remains independent and ad-free.

If you enjoy what you read, please consider supporting the site with a donation.

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