Final day of the Membership Drive

Last chance to become a Per Square Mile Member and receive a t-shirt, shipped to your house for free, in addition to the member extras

It’s been great hearing from everyone who has signed up so far. As you know, I put a lot of time and effort into Per Square Mile, and each membership really does mean a lot to me. I write for a reason, and I’m glad to see it means something to you. I know most people haven’t signed up just for the shirt, but to support this site. And indeed, there are a number of members who could have received a t-shirt, but opted not to. To everyone who has joined already, thank you. I really can’t say that enough. To anyone who might be on on the fence, know that I’m working hard to make your contribution worth it. 

The t-shirt store closes tonight at 11:59 PM. Memberships will still be available after that, but they won’t come with a classy shirt.

Thanks to the support of readers like you, Per Square Mile remains independent and ad-free.

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