Mashable to be a hub of environmental reporting?

After the New York Times mothballed their environment desk, plenty of observers—myself included—wondered aloud what that meant for coverage of environmental topics. Well, it may be moving to upstarts like Mashable, who just hired former Times assistant managing editor Jim Roberts.

Matthew Ingram, reporting for Paid Content:

As for what specific areas Mashable might concentrate on when it expands its horizons, Roberts said he didn’t want to go into too much detail because he has just joined the company — but he did say that one topic was the environment. “I think there is a nexus between the smart innovative tech coverage that Mashable has invested in over the years and what’s going with the climate — and with potential solutions or technologies that could be brought to bear,” he said. “That’s something where I’m going to invest a little passion.”

Perhaps we shouldn’t have worried so much when the Times deep-sixed the Green section. Still, I’ll hold my breath until we see what Mashable is able to turn out.

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